Professional Instrument microphones

Accordion/Melodeon Microphones



Three electret elements mounted in a bar microphone which fastens to the instrument by means of VELCRO® pads. The M305 is for use on the treble side only, whilst the M310 has an extension bass microphone and an internal balance control.


Frequency response:  50Hz-18kHz
Battery :  1 AA -life 200hours
Output :  1/4" (6.5mm) Jack
Controls :  Volume, Balance, Switching on insertion of output jack.
Mic elements:  Omni directional electret
Dimensons :  25x25x280mm

Note: The M305 and M310 have inbuilt power supplies.



A slim microphone for use on accordion/melodeon treble in conjunction with either of the power supplies shown below and an M400 for the bass side. Available in three lengths. M405 - 190mm, M410 - 230mm (3 elements), M420- 325mm (4 elements). fixed to the instrument by means of VELCRO® pads.

Construction :  Anodised aluminium.

Connection :  1.2m lead to gold plated phono.

Mic elements:  Omni directional electret

Frequency response :  30Hz - 20kHz.


A single element microphone for use on the bass side of the instrument.

Dimensions 10x10x25mm

Note: The M400,M405, M410 and M420 mics must be used in
conjunction with a power supply .