Testimonials from Users
I got the mic! It sounds great through anything I've tried it with. Overdrive, effects, etc. are all clear as a bell. I was able to crank the amp and hold the microphone up to the amplifier and not get feedback at all! I may be 18, but I know good tone when I hear it. Thank you for sharing this with me and for sending it so quickly! I'll definately be giving out your card at the next H.O.O.T. meeting (harmonica organization of Texas).
 "Josh "The Goose" Rucker from Allen Texas, December 2000


Hi Silk, I have had the chance to play my new mic, and I tell you it is the best mic I have ever played through. Despite its size the mic puts out so much power. The sound is there, clear as a bell,.... feedback,...what's that???,....not with this baby,.... the "honk" is there! With the cupping technique you can either get a nasty down to the alley sound or simply a clean strong sound depending on the mood...a truly awesome mic..very versatile...All this just because your hands are pretty much free to use to cup your harp and create all those effects as you would while playing acoustically..and that, my friend, makes all the difference..The mic will put out anything and everything that you are able to dish out ...I love it and I am going to tell my harp playing friends about it.....Thank so much,...truly this mic is the "Holy Grail"..
 "Chili Harp", Tampa Florida August, 2000


Thank you for sending the mic. I've been using it for a couple of days now and I like it better today then the first day I got it.... and l liked it the first day. It has loud volume at the low ends of the harp and I actually turned up my Sonny Jr #1 amp to 9! But what I like the best is I can get the "Wah Wah" effect which I could never do with the other mics.......At first I missed having a big mic in my hand because it seemed like part of the process, but now it's better not having a big mic in my hand. The only thing I'm worried about is dropping it then stepping on it, man, that's one small mic with a big punch..... I like it!
  Rick Sr. from Sacramento, Ca. June 2000


Silk, Recently, I got to play two full sets as a guest musician with my "regular band". I ran my full setup with them: the Microvox Harmonica Mic, through a DOD dvf 94 Digital Delay into a Pignose thirty lined out to their PA. I asked for a "hot" volume setting on their PA system, turned the Pignose up to 85% and controlled the overall volume with your harp mic. That night the sound was great. With those settings, distortion was easy to get by full cupping, and a full variety of effects was attainable. The mic's volume control and hand positions were all that was needed to work with the rest of the group. They repeatedly asked me for solos.... a surprise "first". Their sax player also plays harp and he got me into answering his horn licks. Great fun with your mic. It is truly an improvement over the others I have tried, Silk.
 "Doc Lafayette", Dubuque, IA


Dave, I promised I would give you a review of the Microvox Harmonica Microphone System.  The first time I used it was at a gig.  I should have played with it for an hour or two ahead of time, but no, I liked it immediately. There was no awkwardness in holding it at all, it fit through my fingers and stayed in place without ever thinking about it. It's like playing without a mic in your hand.  The purists who think that only a Green Bullet or some ancient bus station microphone are the only way to go are nuts.  Those mics won't touch what this baby can do.

What you said about the Microvox Harmonica System was correct, it produced more volume at the same amp settings than any other mic I have tried.  At the end of the night I was impressed and proud of my new purchase. On subsequent gigs I began to get wired into the tremendous variation in tone quality that can be obtained from the mic by different hand positions.  We have played 4 gigs since I bought the mic 3 weeks ago and I'm still learning some new tricks with this mic.  I don't want to sound exactly the same in tone on every song,  now I can create the right sound for each song.  This mic is for me.

One of its best features is more volume.  That first night with the new mic I took my old Supro amp along to the gig.  Unbelievably, I was able to use the small Supro amp that night without being overpowered by the rest of the band.  Now that I have spent several hours with the new mic I now feel that I have my sound.  My band members and the audiances have all been very complimentary of my new, improved sound.  This is what I live for!

Dave,  I'm very happy that I found your website.  You are welcome to use these comments as a testimonial for your mic.  I hope to jam with you someday.   Sincerely,

 Joe"Professor Mojo" Mauldin

Hey Dave,  I love the Microvox Harmonica Microphone System.  I was totally skeptical it just sounded too good to be true.  Wow, was I pleased it is everything  your website promised. I really believe my full playing ability can now be fully projected to the audience. They now hear a much more clear and distinct sound. I also get more volume due to the fact that I can get the same great air tight hand cupping technique as when I play acoustically.  Even my bass player complimented me, saying he could hear my playing much better than before when I used my old heavy metal vintage mic. What a difference,
thank you !!!      Sincerely,

Jay Schermer, 2nd Childhood, Classic RocK & Roll, Los Angeles, Ca.

Yo Silk, I have to admit I was a little skeptical when I first opened the box.  I really didn't think that little bitty mic would make any noise at all, but boy was I wrong. I  couldn't believe that so much sound could come out of such a small package.  It was great, the guys in the band were thrilled.  I have been looking for this kind of sound for many years.  From the first note to the last chord it never looked back. The possibilities for this thing are endless.  The lows were big and full and the highs were crisp and clear.  Someone has really done their homework on the electronics in this little baby.  I even tossed it in the bell of our sax player's horn and gave him a whole new sound.  So, as far as I'm concerned, there is not a better mic at any price.  Thanks for turning me on to this excellent piece of electronic equipment. Catch you later.

Geo (Harp man for the "Thumpin' Puppies" and the "Depot Boys" in west Texas)

"I've been a "Green Bullet" fan for fifteen years, but the Microvox sound won me over.  There's no bulky weight to manhandle, which allows me to really focus on the music.  The acoustical variety that's possible with the hand positioning gives me a range of effects that used to take a pile of daisy-chained electronics. Now my harp and I fit seamlessly, so that making music is as natural as, well..., breathing."  "P.S. And that ain't  B.S.,Silk !"

Stan Van Sykl, (Harp and Bass) Ms. Julia & The Blue Cats - San Diego, California

"Hey Silk! New mic receives a big three thumbs up!  My bandmates (in very uncharacteristic fashion) went out of their way to comment on how cool my sound was Friday night!  Thanks much!  I'll report later, but meanwhile it's worth every penny!"

Mike (Harp Player) "The Downsized Blues Band" - Novato, California

Hi Dave, "Got the microphone system today. What can I say, I LOVE IT.  Someone knew what they was doing.  I can't believe that little thing can make that much difference.  If anyone wants to know if they work,  tell them to call me, I'm 100% satisfied.  You knew I would be. Thanks for sharing such a good mic with me. We have practice tomorrow night and I can't wait.  Got to go."

Your friend in Pa. David

Hi Dave, "Just got home from practice.Had more comments tonite than I've had in a whole year.There is usually 50 or more who come listen to us practice. I still can't believe how much of a difference it made. I was still holding it between my fingers after practice. Didn't even know it was there. I've been playing some type of insturment for 50 years and this is the best new change I've seen. No sense telling you you already know. Ha. Live every hour as if it was your last. Be happy...

Your friend in Pa. David

Silk,"I just picked up my new Microvox mic and it is what I have been looking  for, great tone,  loud enough that my amp can now keep up with the guitar players, and best of all no feedback!  It puts out so much more volume than my older mics I'm in harp heaven! I am so pleased, I had to share this with you.  I'm now playing through a Victoria with 3 -10"s and  I have found my personal grail (sonically speaking).  There is no substitution for honing one's craft, and some will always stand by their Green Bullets or hot wired Astatics, etc., I would never propose this mic is the best for all, but  it works for me.  In fact this set-up kicks!  Since I am an amateur, this is a good setup for me, if I'm invited to sit-in for a few songs, I want to be sure there are no screw ups, and I won't feed back or detract from what groove the band is getting. I can't wait to go play some, and make Walter proud."

Chris Whitby, - San Luis Obispo, CA

And here's one from our Microvox Mini Swan-Neck Flute Mic customers..


WOW! I am truly impressed!!  The sound is great, the volume control on the PSU gives me more
flexibility, and best of all is the portability of the setup! No longer am I tethered to a stick mic. I can wander while I play which is REALLY a boon to our setup. Our keyboardist often has a more intriguing arrangement of music so on a whim I can move over to her area and we can play off each other. It is fabulous!! The velcro strap fits snugly on my flute and stays in place. It took only a few moments for me to get used to having the mic **right there** in front of my mouth. The wire from the mic to the PSU is a good length so it stays out of my way while I'm playing, too. The mic picks up just my music, not my breathing or surrounding noise -- it is wonderful.  I have the PSU run into the sound system by a 30 ft cable, so I have lots and lots of wandering ability. I am thrilled with the setup. Thanks for all your help!!

Meg, Flutist from "In His Name" Clinton, New Jersey