Q. Are you able to install either Astatic crystals or vintage Shure magnetic elements into any of the popular harp mics?
Mr. Mic Certainly! Either of those elements and others can be installed in most bullet style mics. In most cases, connectors, volume pots, and on-off switches can be fitted as desired.
Q. In your "interviews" with prospective clients, why do you ask so many questions about equipment, years of experience, amps, favorite harp keys, style of music, venues, etc.?
Mr. Mic When custom building for an individual player, it is essential to have as much information as possible for selection of the best element for the applications.
Q. Why do you have so many different amplifiers in the shop?
Mr. Mic Going back to the best element for the application, if I am able to play an element through the same or similar amp as the client, I am assured the sound will be virtually the same. This has proven to be very effective with element replacements and custom builds
Q. Will you help "beginners" who want to "get loud"?
Mr. Mic In this biz, there are no beginners. You either play or you don't. There are only levels of ability. Everyone is welcomed at DJ's!
Q. How important is a mic in achieving "the sound" players are looking for?
Mr. Mic Obviously mics and amps are only conveyances to amplify the sound you are making. The "chops" must be there. Elements do indeed vary from one to the next, so individual selection is important for both diatonic and chromatic playing no matter how long they have been playing.
Q. Occasionally, I have some feedback problems but mostly I can't seem to get my mic and amp to cooperate and give me the sound I am looking for.
Mr. Mic "Dialing" in the proper amp settings to match the mic is often difficult and varies from one combination to another. Not all amps work well for harmonica. Some may require modifications, not excluding tube changes. As there are many factors involved for great tone, calls to DJ's for suggestions are welcome.
Q. Since most of your mics are built "long distance" for players out of your area, how often are they returned for an element change?
Mr. Mic I am proud to report that of all the Customs and mods that have been shipped, only a few have been returned. I was happy to exchange elements and the replacement was a "keeper."
Q. Do you have any mics placed outside of the U.S.?
Mr. Mic There are currently Customs and mods in eighteen (or more?) countries. It is awesome communicating with players in other countries as it invariably leads to learning about customs and history. I find it fascinating.
Q. Do you have other good harp mics that are not custom built but rather, original issues?
Mr. Mic You bet -- You name it!
Q. What are your terms of payment? Do you accept credit cards to capture "impulse buying?"
Mr. Mic At this time I am not accepting credit cards. Money orders or personal checks are acceptable. If on "impulse" and you "gotta have it now," I would suggest an "off the shelf" reissue and take your chances. DJ's is not an impulse builder.
Q. Reading "Ask Mr. Microphone", and perusing your "pics", you seem to be a little flippant about all of this. How serious are you?
Mr. Mic Extensive research and statistical analysis has shown conclusively the world is full of "the boring." I was just trying to spice it up. I assure you I am quite serious about total satisfaction and good quality products!!
Q. What is the best time to call?
Mr. Mic My answering machine and I are 24/7 at (816) 531-6981. Reach me anytime between 9:00am and 9:00pm CST.