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PRIOR to 2001

"I'm still working with my amp... Those settings you gave me were great! You convinced me you really know what you're doing." And...

"I got the mic, it sounds great! Much more powerful than that blaster thing. It looks great! I'd like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for a huge stepping stone to my 'dream sound.'" And...

"...I've been doing recording and playing with the mic, I am 110% satisfied! Looks great, feels great, sounds like a dream! Dennis, your mic was a great investment because it makes everything it touches sound better, from me to my amp to the stage it graces." --

Damien Masterson
"Good Omen"
San Francisco, CA

"The Custom Turner is amazing! It honks! No doubt a fabulous mic! I used it on a couple of grinds and a jump tune that we did last night and it sounded great. Lots of head room with it and I realy like that style of volume pot. The sound is very unique. Pretty sharp of you to develop that model into the bullet style. It was done so precisely, that I coulen't figure out which mic it had started out as at first. Great volume pot, too. I like the 'graded' feel from 1 to 11, it eliminates looking down after a vocal to see where you're set. All, in all, a tremendous piece of work, my friend. The cord is another nice feature, almost looks 'military' it's so strong. I will have to recommend you to all those with 'bullet' needs. You have got to be the 'Guru of Bullets!'" --

David "Silk" Stegner
"Buick Wilson Band"
Santee, CA

"I finally used it. We opened up for Tinsley Ellis. What is that thing? What a monster! What's in it? What can I tell people when they ask what kind of mic it is? [Tell them it's a DJ's Custom! -- dj] It seems to project very loudly. I think I might love it, but honestly I'm not sure yet. Either way, you're never going to get it back!"

Later: "I love this thing! I will be spreading the word. Send me some business cards and I will hand them out." --

Kim Ellerman
Duluth, MN

"Hey! If anything was great today, it was opening my front door and seeing a little box waiting. Mr. Mic, you have done it again. A very, very happy Mojoman is now and forever going to be playing into this microphone! Tonight, I was at a gig with Sonny, Jr. 2. The tone with your mic was so good there are no words for that moment. Thank you, thank you." --

James Louis "Mojoman" Reed
"Mojo Madness"
San Mateo, CA

Dennis, they're all home, cozy and warm now. I've been playing them all for a few hours. Thought I'd stop and give the Bassman a break and let you know what's up.

"They're perfect! As you know, they were my favorites. I was always worried I'd lose the tone of the elements if I messed with the mics. I'm very pleased with the outcome. Or should I say output. They sound like they did before they left, tone wise, but they are certainly a lot stronger now. Much better volume. I guess this is the first time those elements actually got real juice in years. Amazing what a new connection and solder can do! It's so nice not having to deal with all that mic cord. The screw on connector is the only thing I ever liked about the JT-30. Now I have the best of both worlds. I am one really happy camper. I'm very happy with the Turner BX. Very nice job. I appreciate all you've done.

"So to sum this up, Dennis... You did a fantastic job. You really are a true 'mic guru'. I've now got great sounding mics and a new friend. Who could ask for more than that! I can't wait to send those Shure brown bullets to you."

Mike Fitzhenry
Pittsburgh, PA

A great Turner microphone custom job. Thanks! Turner mic plugged to Sonny amp sounds great. Sound like Kim Wilson!

Yoshiaki Takee
Tokyo, Japan