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The gear arrived this afternoon. The mic is absolutely unbelievable. As soon as I played one note I could tell that I should have met you 30 years ago! Well, as they say in the music business...timing is everything. I also get a tremendous amount more volume out of my amps. I tried it first through a 1968 Premier amp; then through my ol' standby - my Fender Twin Reverb. It's amazing how loud I could crank this puppy. Never again will I have to suffer the volume egos of guitarists! Seriously, the mic is to freakin' die for. I will recommend you ever chance I get.



If you sing, play harmonica or have any use whatsoever for a microphone then you owe it to yourself to get in touch with Mr. Microphone; a.k.a. Dennis Oellig, of DJ's Custom Electronics.

I had the good fortune of learning about Mr. Microphone from a fellow harp player who gave me his website address. From the first e-mail reply I received from Dennis, I knew this was the guy with whom I wanted to work on developing a mic just for me.

You see, you don't just "buy" a microphone from DJ's. You enter into a relationship from which a process develops. Dennis is inquisitive and truly wants to learn from his clients just what they are looking for in a microphone. I opted to send him a copy of my latest CD to help him better understand my style of playing. The man knows exactly what he's doing and once you get through the hard part; knowing exactly what you want, he will build you the microphone of your dreams. And to top it off, his prices are very reasonable.

So do yourself a favor. Stop and reassess the gear that you're using now and get in touch with DJ's Custom Electronics TODAY! If you think you sound good now, just wait and see how much better you will sound with your own Custom made microphone!

"Downtown" Bob Stannard
Manchester Center, VT.


By the way, the new JT is the best mike ever! It'll soon be all over our next record we're currently planning. I'll be sure to give you a shout-out in the notes...whatever the title will be (don't know yet.) Hope all's well..... Yer' pal JD.

JD "the Colonel" Wilkes
"Legendary Shack Shakers"
Nashville, TN.