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WOW! What a great looking mic. I almost just want to put it on display. It has surpassed my expectations in everyway. Am dying to play this mic and also hear my new amp as well. Should happen in the next couple of hours. and...
Just sat down I played this mic finally. Great tone! Will definitely send the green bullet for the upgrade.

Tom Epperson
Makati City, Philippines.


I've been a client of DJ's for quite a few years. It started with a pig tail mod on my beloved 707a (the one with the black label CR that is my "go to" mic). He then did me a sweet JT30 with an MC127 ceramic and followed that with putting another black label CR I had into a custom green JT30 shell, with some cool features (metallic grill cloth, ten detent VC). So after a small break in programming, I started to get that itch that meant I needed a mic fix. This time I had some ideas of what I wanted (being a control freak when it comes to TONE) but also wanted to freefall a little and let DJ take more of a hand in helping me to pick and choose. So I called him up from Oz and we chatted, and I played through a bunch of my mics run through my little Princeton and we talked some more about what I liked and what I didn't like.

I just received my latest order and am extremely happy with the job. Dennis has made me a custom triple chromed 707a, with a ten detent volume control, reattachment of the serial plate, groovey metallic red cloth behind the grill and it'll take a guitar jack into a switchcraft connector. I handed the tone over to DJ on this one and asked him to cherry pick an element that would be in the same ballpark as my original 707a. Great choice! The element is very similar to the old mic - big bass response, lots of mid range fruitiness and the perfect match for my Clark Pro. It's a white label CR this time - and I'm one seriously happy camper.

There is absolutely no question about it. DJ is the guy I'll go to in future for mics and elements - the man is a Tone-cold genius.

Drew "Lil' Gus" Wimhurst
New South Wales, Australia