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Pleasure doing business with you.

Yes I did receive the Microvox on Saturday and it rocks! It was a pleasure doing business with you.

Jeffrey Allinson
McClean, VA.


Thanks for a great Harp Mic!

I have and am using (a lot) my Microvox Harp Mic. PS; it's awesome and a lot of folks who are excellent musicians have out of the blue come up and complimented me on the tone I'm getting out of my harp....they can't believe what I'm playing through....Thanks for a great Harp Mic!

Jeff Donnelly
Ringoes, NJ.


Holy geeze, was that money well spent!

Holy geeze, was that money well spent! It sounds EXACTLY like I was hoping for! It is amazing what a difference it makes. I can't thank you enough... Beyond my expectations! I will send you the check tomorrow or Friday, so expect it sometime next week. When we are finished recording our first album this summer, I will send you a copy if it doesn't sound like too much of a trainwreck. Thank you thank you thank you!!!

Bruce "Thumper" Mahler
"Emily and the Lost Cat Ramblers"
Columbus, OH.


Was a great investment.!

I am totally impressed with the MV and the advantages that are gained by not having to hold a large microphone. Allows one to play naturally utilizing a lot of different tonality and expression, with just the hand cup, while still having the power of an amplified punchy sound. Was a great investment. Thanks, very pleased, and would recommend to others.

Darius Grimes
Cantonment, FL.

Clay White Goodlettsville, TN.