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Director of Toneland Security, Wow, last year I ordered a custom Astatic crystal mic for a recording project and you sent it right away and it just Did the Job. Thank you Mr. Microphone ... It sounds Great and it has become my gigging mic. Your re-work of my Astatic and Shure mics were impeccable as well! Here's to you Man! Thanks a Million!

Karl Cabbage
La Mesa, CA.


Yo Dennis! I was standing in my driveway Saturday when the postman pulled up with "the package" I played thru it at the gig Sat. nite and thought I might wear it out. Loved the sound - a good clean tone but also real "ballsy" - great element you picked! Also played a gig on Sunday where things weren't as noisy and really got a really good feel for it. I reeallly like it! Haven't played it thru the Bassman yet, been using my 61 Ampeg. Great job!!!!! You're the best! and - 06/23/06 I LOVE the mic - just the tone I've been looking for. HOW DID YOU KNOW? Not too harsh unless you push it, real smooth and clean sound! I used it at a blues gig Wed. night and had several musicians comment on how nice it sounds. Still haven't used it thru the Bassman, but I'm gonna' try it out tonight. Thanks, Dennis!

David Williams
Ft. Pierce, FL.


Dr Mikenstein,
You have built my dream mic. I have 9 or 10 custom harp mics in my collection but the Chrome Turner with the vintage Shure mag is the one with the 360 degree sweet spot. It is loud without feeding back, it growls when you get it mad, and is phat and sweet when you rub it's little volume control.

I've used it on 6 gigs since I got it and every time, without fail, someone will introduce themselves as a harp player and ask "what mic are you using?" They describe the sound as "nasty and big." I had one guy come up last week and say, "I'm not a harp player but I've been listening to blues for a long time and you've got that old time sound coming out of that mic tonight."

My only problem is (as I continue to send you my mics to build and rebuild) what are you going to do for an encore?

Tom Sheehan
Boston Ma