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I had a gig at the Cherokee Country Club last night... I broke those puppies in ... I played 30 some songs which required some serious harp solos (during 1 tune I switched mics 3 times) I can't tell you how sweet they sounded.. the purple one was slightly bolder and had some mid-low pizzazz.... both had just the right amount of punch and they were as loud as my 3rd mic (JT-30).... Can't wait to show them off in Key West next week. Thanks again for the rush order and the excellent job!!!! Keep on doing what you do so well...

Michael "Crawdaddy" Crawley
Knoxville, TN.


Microvox-harmonica I got the mic yesterday and I must say I was very surprised. I try not to have great expectations when I get something new because then I get terribly disappointed if it does not perform the way I want. I got my amp out and plugged in the cable going to the Microvox. I turned it on and blew a few notes without cupping my hands to tight. It sounded pretty good. Then I thought that since the mic is so small I should be playing as if I had no mic. And that's when it happened. It sounded so good it just about blew my mind right out the window. I could not believe the sound of it and before I knew it an hour went flying by. I could get way better wah wah's and vibrato then with the bullet. Haven't had that much fun in a while. Don't get me wrong, I'm not getting ready to ditch the bullet mic, but this thing opens up new possibilities for me. For one thing I also play some guitar parts in the band and switching back and forth can get to be a bit of a drag. With this little beauty I can clip the mic to my shirt and be ready to shift to the harp even with my guitar still strapped on. How cool is that Doc? Also if I don't cup my hands too tight I get a beautiful clean sound. Nice!

Ted Toscano
Rome, NY.


Just thought I would contact you as a follow-up and let you know how much I like the MicroVox system I recently purchased from you. First, I wanted to let you know how much I appreciated the way you do business with the information you supplied and your constant contacts prior to the arrival of my system...It was nothing short of excellent. Secondly, my bandmates and particularly the lead guitarist were blown away by the sound I am able to generate from this thing. It has changed the way I can work my sound because I can now really take full advantage of the acoustic possibilities of hand work such as vibrato, tremolo, crying, etc. I would like to heartily endorse not only this system, but also your superb attention to customer service. Thanks for everything has been a true pleasure doing business with you.

Bruce "Stupid Buddha" Patera
Havre, MT.


There are those who claim to be the King and then there is simply, the King himself. There can only be one King, the ruler who claims his throne on the battlefield of Life. DJ is the 'King of Tone,'make no mistake of it, without him, we would be missing out... I get compliments everywhere I go brother for my sweet tone and this cutom turner and mod 30 through my 1040's Vega blows em away everytime... You have earned your title has to do with your craftsmanship...your style..the whole thing brother... You are the 'Rock' behind the 'Roll'. Thanks my man...

Sausalito, CA.


Just to be clear, this is the best harp mic I have ever tried (I usually play with Shure SM58, Vintage Green Bullet, Bottle'o Blues and others). It's most incredible characteristic, apart, obviously, the lightweight and size, is the possibility to play acoustically or cupped overtone with the same rig and set up just changing the hands positions and/or the tightness of the doesn't matter if you play through the amp or the P.A. I have tried both and I have to say that it is possible to play Chicago style, with great deep tone, even simply connected to the mixer of the PA. You do not need to have pedals/effects since the smallest change of the hands position provide a tone change, therefore you have the possibility of infinite variations and day by day you can easily experience and learn something new: my feeling with the mic is actually far better today than the even positive initial one. In conclusion, I am very happy with this MV mic which contributes to improve my harp sound!

Daniele Guerrini
Florence, Italy



Dennis is the master of Blues Harp Mics!

I was lucky enough to be one of the first customers of Mr. Microphone 13 years ago, Dennis made me a custom ordered Turner, with the cool fin on top, which I have been playing exclusively, without any fail, or repairs. I've dropped it a million times, and it has always sounded exactly the same.

Recently I thought I'd look into having another mic, as a backup, since I use it exclusively on gigs. So I got one basically just like my first one, but with a different set-up inside, with a brushed chrome finish. And it is a screaming dream!

There are many, many types of harp mics, and they all suck compared to the Mr. Microphone Vintage Hot Rod mics. Durable beyond belief, reliable, tuneful, and beautiful to look at. When the spotlights hit my brushed chrome mic it just glows, and the sound glows too. Like guitarists, blues harp players have their own preferences for amps and mics, but nothing compares to a custom made, vintage mic for reproducing the old tones so beloved by harp players.

I now have two of Mr. Microphone's mics, and that's all I'll ever need, but down the road when I strike it rich, I may have Dennis make me one of solid gold. Sound-wise however, these mics are already solid gold.

If you're a serious blues harp player, no matter what your rig or set-up, the Mr. Microphone Vintage Hot Rod mics are the cream of the crop. Buy one now, and never waste another dime on cheap sounding, cookie-cutter harp mics. Be the envy of all your fellow harp players. I've had hundreds of players ask me about my microphone, and I've gotten many, many compliments on the tone it produces.

I really appreciate the fact that there are still guys like Mr. Microphone around, who care about vintage musical instruments, restoration, and inventiveness. Dennis makes custom mics for quite a few big time celebrities too, ZZ Top and Van Morrison just to name two. Wail with the big boys and do your blues a favor, get a Mr. Microphone Vintage, Custom Blues Harp mic and never look back.

Mo Paul
Kansas City, MO.


I got the mic a few days ago, absolutely love it. It's totally awesome. I thought my other biscuit mic was great, and it is. This new one is even better sounding with my harp gear HG2 amp. Now all I have to do is sell my other biscuit (hot black label element, great output). I just wish it sounded as good with the HG2 as your mic does.

Rex Cowie
Butte, MT.


The mic is hotter than a firecracker and I am able to do many cool things because of it that would otherwise be impossible. I have compared it to several new and vintage mic's using these amps. None even come close to "Blue" for overall fine tone, for sensitivity while remaining acoustically viable and for just plain ole fun to play. I am continuing to progress in my playing level and your mic is helping me along. Thanks Again

Joe Killinger
Virginia Beach, VA.


Hey Bro, Just a quick note to let you know I played out with the new Caddy last nite and it roars! Best mic I have to date. Absolutely beautiful in every way... Will talk with you soon... just had to let you know how happy I am with it. Thanks again... Be cool...

Silk Stegner
San Diego, CA.


I just have to tell ya that the "Cool Tone" custom is just screaming. I'm so pleased with the tone-that black CR made a difference. WOW! .... and everyone who sees the mic does a tripple-take on the icicles and snowflakes. They all love the graphics.

Neil Barnes
Dublin, CA.


Hey thank you for your cool letter. I really like the way your run your business and the quality of work you do is excellent. I have held off for so long getting my mics to where I want them because I just couldn't find anybody that could do it all like you do and your prices are great too! You are a very honest person and I'm really glad we hooked up. I enjoy playing so much more when I have your Candy Apple in my hands. The sound and feel of that mic is so classic. I can't wait to take the 7A and the JT-30 with me on the road if you are able to get them done in time. If not I know I have a fantastic mic in the Candy Apple that will fill the slot perfectly.

Mike Mettalia
"Midnight Shift"
Perkasie, PA.