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C'est avec beaucoup de plaisir que je viens de recevoir ma commande. Merci beaucoup pour le t-shirt et le tapis de souris, manifique. Tout est parfait les lampes, les cables et le MICRO c'est bien ce que j'attendais. Je vais donner tes cartes a tous les joueurs d'harmo que je connais en leurs disant: Tu peux faire confiance a Dennis pour te faire le micro qui faut pour le son que tu desire, il faut simplement lui dire avec quel ampli et quel style de musique.

It is with great pleasure that I received my order. Thank you very much for the T-shirt and the mouse pad, fantastic. Everything is perfect; the tubes, the cables and the microphone it was worth waiting for. I am going to give your business cards to all of the harmonica players and I will tell them: have confidence that Dennis will make you a microphone for the sound you desire, and it will work just like he says with the proper amplification for this style of music.

Jean-Louis Lavie
Lavie Music
Sud-Ouest France


Had to drop a line to say thanks for helping to make last night's gig one of the best ever for me. The Mighty Mike and a Custom harp from Bob Meehan combined to rock the joint a la Kim Wilson.. Even the guitar player on my left noticed my jewel like mike. Hey Man is that new? It takes a lot to get a reaction out of that guitar picker. I played with a pick up band which contained a session bass player with credits as long as my arm and a guitar player ex of Alice Cooper playing tasty blues and blues rock. Definitely cloud nine and our mike helped me lead the band. I'm beat but ecstatic.

Thanks again. Good thing I didn't send it back [ you must be joking.]

Tim Hill
London, U.K


I'm VERY pleased...You've turned my quiet little crystal JT30 into a flaming MONSTER!!!! :o))
Excellent job- the wiring is as solid as a rock and is doing what it outta. Thanks man - very happy with it.

Thanks again. Good thing I didn't send it back [ you must be joking.]

Greg "G" Dyer
Wellington, New Zealand