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Hey Dennis, Cheers from down under! You've got my vote! My band is the AIRBOURNE BLUES BAND, (the newest member being the CHROME CREATION-for me the STAR of the show!). No I didn't tell the wife. The jig was up when she saw the big cheesy grin I wore after the beauty arrived on my doorstep! The TONEPOWER I pumped into a quick rendition of JUKE though, soon bedazzled her and all was forgiven. So no divorce this time. Hope to be in touch again soon.

John O'Brien
"Airbourne Blues Band"
Woolgoolga, New South Wales, AU.


You have got to have the world's best customer service! I love dealing with such professionalism.

Tom Jamrog
"King Pirogi"
Lincolnville, ME.


I love the Bronson amp! In fact, everyone does. If you could drink sound, this amp would yield a cocktail consisting of moonshine mixed with wild honey from killer bees served in a chipped, frosted glass and garnished with razor blades. Thanks again!

Charlie Barath
Monaca, PA.


Just a note to say thanks so much for the mic! Like many long time harpoholics, I have invested many dollars over the years on mics, amps, pedals, and other assorted gizmos of every description. I have to say the Custom mic that you built for me is the best money I've EVER spent on a piece of equipment!

I have gigged with this mic and spent hours playing with it at home through a '58 Gibson GA-20 and '59 reissue Bassman. Sound is AWESOME, exactly what I was looking for! Smooth, warm, distinct, without that harsh mid range boost or tinniness in the high end. The look and feel are incredible! The v/c is the best I've ever tried (I've tried many!)

Many thanks for this one of a kind Gem!...and for being an honest guy and a Master Craftsman. Thank your wife for the fine hand knit mic bag.

Tim Taylor
"Hoodoo Brothers"
S. Attleboro, MA.


Okay, here's the "sound check": Simply said, it's great! Great "humph" and very nice bottom. "Real" ceramic sound. It matches very, very nicely with a Masco head I got last December from Skip Simmons. Aside of the ergonomics of this mic, which I quite liked after seeing it, the element is very close to the grille and therefore, to the mouth. I own quite a few mics (I am thinning my collection) and this one is definitely a keeper. Thanks for selecting this nice element. It has found a good home ;o

Robert "Sunnyside Bob Voila" Koch
Louisiane Pub Blues Band
Vienna, Austria


Thanks again for the great job you did! I now have the best sounding mic I ever have played through!!! I will refer you to anyone I can. Cheers!

Mason Casey Santa Monica, CA.


Thanks a million Dennis! You're the best and everyone knows it!

James Conway
The Sprigs/Mouth Box Productions
Chicago, IL.