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As always, the wireless is perfect-it sounds even better than with the cable. I mean what can I say? The green bullet mod, the Custom Turner, the Valco, and the new wireless...all excellent! If Dennis say's "this is what you need" well, that's what you need!

Dr. Bob Bedard
Dexter, MI.


Dennis, you're amazing!..the Orpheus of mics! I received my now favorite harp mic and cable on the 16th. This mic is physically beautiful and functionally outstanding. The Tone just jumps out at you! As far as comfort, it fits the hand like a T-3 but with more stability due to the fin. (and) ...2nd Custom (crystal)
It's perfect! It has it's own perfect personality. It's like having two great women. I keep switching back and forth and can't decide which one I want to stay with. Me and the twins are going to have an unending mŽnage a trois. Anyway, relationships come and go, but apartments and mic techs are forever!

Robert "Dr. 88" LaSardo
Brooklyn, NY.


Whoooooooooie...............,great man...f#~7%$* great. Yeah it looks really good, thanx man a very good job, great sparkle finish! But the tone man, that's something! Yeah a keeper as you said! I compared it with my 60's Astatic crystal, wich has a little more bite...I don't know how to say this, but in my Vickie I've got a 12ay7 in the first gain stage like in the fifties and with the crystal I can put the volume up to 5, which sounds good and loud!.
But this little ..........sparkle cutie is just pregnant with tone ...!! Man .....a fat sound, a little darker than the crystal I would say, but the good thing is I can put the volume up to 9 that's #%$^~+ loud man! It honks, jumps, and screams with a sound fatter than the butchers dog hahaha, wow .....da O, fantastic yeah fantastic.
Wow da O, it was a real pleasure to do business with you. Yeah and I'll say it again.... you're a good writer too, hahaha.

John de Ronde
"the Imperial Kings"
Zwijndrecht, the Netherlands


This mic is the bomb! It sounds like you dug it up out of a potato field in Mississippi, and I mean that in the kindest way. How do you get your harp to sound like Mississippi? it into one of Mr. Microphone's bad wamma jammas! I can't wait to unleash this thing in a bar full of music freaks. Not only has the thing got juice, it also brings out all the details in my playing. How'd you do that Dennis?

Randy "DocRock" Albright
Indianapolis, IN.


Wow man what a mic!!! First is darn good looking!!!!! I've just tried it downstairs in my rehearsal room! The attack is incredible man, big fat crunchy power tone! I am really satisfied! Anyway this was my very first impression. I'll use it on saturday night's gig and then let you know how it worked once having used it for real ok. I know it'll be great though! I'm gonna spread the news with my European harpists mate Dennis!!! ...and


Used the mic at last night's gig here in Milano. AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm really knocked out by the attack man! So powerful crunchy soulful! Really great Dennis!

Franco Limido "Family Style"
Arluno, Italia


Just thought you might like to hear my opinion of the Custom Turner you built for me. I've played through JT-30's, both vintage and fairly new ones, ceramics and crystals. Shure 520's vintage, Shure stick mics, vintage green bullets and fairly new ones...none come close to what you built for me!

Test drove my porsche yesterday for a good 3 hours , the new skins on this rig just blew me away . Tight responsive, no dropped notes , bottom end awesome, mids kickin'. Just the right amount of bite and crunch. Your approach to service, the countless e-mails, the "loaner" (mic), resulted in the finest mic that has been my pleasure to blow through. The tone is incredible!!!!

Well, you might want to change your e-mail address from mrmic to drtonemeister, 'cause I doubt there is anyone who cares as much and has the technical knowledge you do . That's it for now Djbro. As always take good care. On the proverbial rebound....

Bill "Sweet William" Atwood
Dennis, MA.