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I received the mics on Friday and I was able to try the chrome JT 30 today. It sounds great! Lots of gain, punchy single notes, and tone dripping with rich fullness. Thank you so much for sticking with this challenge. I am one happy boy. Thanks again my friend.

David Berntson
Tulsa, Ok.


This mic is beautiful and sounds amazing! Thank you so much! It was an absolute pleasure doing business with you.

Travis Harris
"Travis Harris and the West Coast Turnarounds"
Monticello, KY.


I received the mic a few minutes ago. Excellent choice (of elements.) Did you test it with a Megatone? It seems perfect for the rig. Outstanding work.

Justin Shaughnessy
Fort Gordon, GA.


Love this mic. Everything you said it was and more!

Randall Sanders
Macon, GA.


I'd like to give you a big thank you! I retrieved "da' shark" from the post office today. It looks amazing. I knew it was going to be great but the actual item looks even better than I had imagined. Everything works wonderfully. The paint job is great, the graphic is superb, and of course it sounds hot! Please give my thanks to the team.

Chris Dai
Ft. Lee, NJ.


Meantime, the mic pictured is a mystery as to what it might be…who and where does it come from, along with its production year. We would like to restore it to working order and mount it to another Mr. Mic special, resin-filled vintage beer can as a base. We STILL receive compliments on those interesting works of art which you created quite a while ago...! Cool...! Feel free to send up a smoke signal when convenient.

Billy F Gibbons
ZZ Top


So the "O" in Dennis O stand for "O MY GOD".
You guessed it. The mic arrived today. My wife put it up in my office; a place where I have not been all day (thankfully). I just opened it. It's the most beautiful mic in the freakin' world! I may have to set up my PA tomorrow just to sing through this sucker.

I will never be able to thank you enough for this and the other mics you have made for me. BTW, the Turner is my go-to mic. I just love the Christly/beastly sound that comes out of that puppy. Do not get me wrong; the JT-30 and of course, the Green Bullet, are both great mics and I use them all during a show but there's just something about that Turner...well, you get it.

Bob Stannard
Manchester Ctr., VT.


This mic was worth the wait. You have created another masterpiece. Thanks for turning my dreams into reality. Your artistry, craftsmanship, and attention to every detail is unmatched. I believe that the mics you have created for me will be sought out and will become prized possessions to those lucky enough to obtain one long after you and I have gone.

Thomas Vale
Indianapolis, IN.